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City Lateral Connections

A sewer lateral is the pipe that connects all the sinks, drains and toilets in your home or building to the City sewer main, which is usually located in the City's right-of-way (street).

Sewage line replacement

Sewer line repair is recommended when there are cracks or holes in your sewer line. If damage is severe, replacement of the line is recommended.

Cast iron replacement

Cast iron replacementCast iron drain pipes that have been causing repeat repeated backups or are leaking and are causing water damage or emmiting foul sewer orders have to be excavated and replaced.

Copper repipe

A complete house repipe is a considerable project to take on. It’s a significant investment in both time and money. But in many cases, having your old pipes replaced is recommended or even unavoidable.

Camera inspections for drains

Camera inspection provides an accurate, visual inspection of underground sewer lines and other piping, determining the condition inside the pipe. It allows a unique underground view of the pipes without excavating.

Sewage drain cleaning

When a sewer clog occurs, it can be difficult to locate the main drain in order to rectify the issue. At Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we recommend regular plumbing maintenance to avoid drastic repairs and issues that may pop up such as drain clog

New construction plumbing

If you are planning on building a new property either as a home or business, there’s a lot you must consider. You have to hire a general contractor, draw up plans, and make sure everything is up to code with the city.

Remodeling Plumbing

Remodeling plumbing is a project with many facets! When you remodel your kitchen or bathroom you need a plumbing pro – someone who knows the codes, can work with building officials, and get the job done in the most efficient manner.

Gas lines installation

The piping inside the house is called the gas supply line or building line. Branch lines run to individual appliances. The branch line terminates in a drop line, which is a vertical pipe dropping down to the appliance from an overhead branch line.

Service calls and More

As the owner of a plumbing business, you know that fast response time and high quality service are everything. Being able to respond to the needs of your customers during emergencies is essential to the success of your company.

Free estimates on the Phone

Many customers want free plumbing estimates. While most times, this is no problem sometimes it can’t happen. If you have ever had a leaking water heater or a bad garbage disposal and called a company for a plumbing estimate chances are you are able to get one.


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NCH Plumbing INC has been number 1 for my entire Family’s homes and business plumbing needs. They are highly skilled. They do the job right quickly the first time. They are honest, dependable, and offer a more than fair price.

Mario Rodrigues

Larry knew ins and outs and explained everything to the point on all repairs needed. I felt confident with Larry for a wonderful job. He was also very talkative and easy to get along with. Thanks NCH, I will be recommending you guys to everyone I know for ALL of their plumbing needs

Thomas Frosseio

Job well done. They were very efficient and took the time to make sure they tried to create a minimal mess. I recommend NCH to all my friends. Also, extremely competitive pricing. Thanks Guys!!

Leo Vidal

We just bought a house which we knew will require few repairs and installations. Alex and team did excellent job Highly Recommend.

Cheryl M Penningtonn